County6Predator Pro Staff members

Caleb Newton


 As the founder of County6Predator Calls & Packs LLC, I would like you to meet an outstanding group of hunters who share my passion and drive for the great outdoors. I value the input my Pro Staffers have to offer with their experience, combined with their collective knowledge and expertise, as they teach others to become more successful in the field. I’m honored to be able to work with each and every one of these individuals.

Heath Baker


Born & Raised in Nevada, Missouri. Heath was featured on Dog Soldier TV for 5 years before starting his own social media platform & YouTube channel called Alpha Dog Down.  Heath is a camera crew member for Predator Tactics and hunts predators all over the central plains of the US.  Heath is a grinder and a valuable asset to C6P. Give him a follow on IG & FB.