About Us

Why Choose County6Predator Calls & Packs


 Don’t you just love it when you are out on the perfect stand and your call freezes up. Or your calling buddy can’t call worth a flip. Or better yet you get light headed after one series because your call orifice is to large. There is no more need to worry about those large issues that can plague your success in the field, we make our calls easy to blow so that you can be successful in the field, if you are a novice caller or experienced these calls will work effortlessly for you. 

 Our calls produce crisp distress sounds that are tantalizing even to the educated predator.  Our Trigg-1 & Trigg-2 were designed to make low and high pitch sound’s that are bringing in call shy coyotes with ease.  We are getting louder more uniform sounds from our open reed call the Alpha Trigg. We use the YDD3 Toneboard that can be used as a Pup Howler and more so Distress call. 

 At C6P we believe that real wood makes real world sounds, but to make the sound even sweeter we found that wood with phenolic resin impregnated into it gives of a sound that is tantalizing to a predator.  Then we drill the barrel of the call with custom made drill bits that gives you a barrel that carries sound with easy.

Our Mission


WE CARE ABOUT YOUR SUCCESS IN THE FIELD!  Our mission is to build quality products for the outdoors man by the outdoors man. Every single C6P Call is individually turned by hand, once turned they are individually tuned to make the most realistic sounds. Our calls are hand made in the State of Wyoming . We stand by our calls, if something fails on them, send them back to us and will send you a brand new one free of charge. 

We have a proven track record. Check out the pictures and comments on Instagram @county6predator. Or follow us on Facebook. Our calls are spread across the country and people are having tremendous success! Happy Calling, and  C6P looks forward to providing you with calls that will turn your stands into great memories. As always #WhackEmNStackEm!